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What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive psychology is a field of study that focuses on the positive aspects of life, such as happiness, well-being, and resilience. The idea was pioneered in 1998 by Dr. Martin Seligman and others in an attempt to move away from the traditional focus of psychology on pathology, mental illness, and the study of abnormal behavior. Positive psychology aims to help individuals, organizations, and societies build upon their strengths, develop optimism, and create a more meaningful life. It’s a science that remains evidence-based, grounded in research that leads to potential positive interventions that help achieve many of the outcomes listed above.

Coaches can help their clients identify their strengths and use them to their advantage. Positive psychology is applied to coaching in several ways. Why primarily focused on positive outcomes, coaching also helps to identify and act on weaknesses and blind spots that are getting in the way of progress. Coaches can also help their clients to develop a more optimistic outlook on life and a more positive attitude. Coaches can help their clients to work on developing resilience, which is the ability to bounce back from adversity and challenging situations. Coaches can help their clients to set goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Finally, coaches can help their clients build meaningful relationships and positively connect with others.

Having been shown to have numerous benefits for individuals and organizations, positive psychology is applied to coaching in several ways. . It has been shown to increase job satisfaction leading to higher employee engagement, reduce stress and anxiety and improve relationships. It can also help individuals to better manage their emotions, improve their decision-making skills, and increase their sense of purpose and meaning in life.

If you are looking for ways to develop your skills at work, supercharge your career and develop greater levels of resiliency in life than look no further. Positive psychology is a powerful tool that coaches can use to help their clients make positive changes in their lives and reach their goals. By allowing their clients to identify their strengths, develop resilience, and create meaningful relationships, coaches can help them create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


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