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2020: A New Pair of Glasses

There is not a single person free of the crushing blow of the recent COVID19 pandemic. Those of us, like myself, residing in a state like Nebraska with fewer cases and open hospital beds, are still reeling from the economic pounding on top of the COVID fears.

It seems like the entire country, is feeling the negative impact of shutdowns and quarantines.

  • The healthcare industry, while being on the frontlines, is struggling economically to survive.

  • US auto sales are reported by the Wall Street Journal to be at the lowest point in modern history.

  • Despite being innovative, our local restaurants are devastated.

  • Places of worship are closed, and in many cases, experiencing a loss of contributions.

  • In Omaha, we lost every major venue that drives significant revenue into our city and state.

Times are challenging for everyone, and despite hopeful promises of economic stimulus, there is only so much money our government should print. This means it’s up to you and me. Perhaps, it’s time for us to get a new outlook or symbolically – a new pair of glasses for which to see the world.

The old pair of glasses

Like most of us, I’ve noticed a shift in my perception of work. It seems like this crisis has changed how I view work and what it means to me.

As a young man entering the business world, I used to work so that I might someday become free from work. Meaning building assets, earning income, savings, and growing more ready to have independent freedom from responsibility.

The new pair of glasses

What’s changed? I am learning that there is a higher calling then freedom from responsibility. It’s the battle for responsibilities. Work and the responsibility to perform is a deep calling, and right now, our work is being threatened by an invisible enemy made visible only by fear. As our country begins to reopen, I’m committed to putting in the extra-long hours and hard work to serve others because I’m fighting for the freedom to fully participate. I accept the challenges and want to help get our world back on track. I think this freedom to thrive is a higher calling as it will take more dedication and effort than ever before.

The New Normal

We must commit, go all in, and do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. The battle today is running towards problems - and not away from them. It’s finding that particular purpose in our life by serving other humans in whatever field we find ourselves; this is the new pair of glasses and what we must all do to overcome this invisible enemy. I am confident that this new normal will bring us together in a shared mission to get everyone back to work and thriving. As time marches on, this new normal must be our collective commitment to do our best work ever.


How are you doing, and in what ways are you prepared for tomorrow?

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