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How to Rock Work and Love Life When You are Homesick.

Have you ever been homesick? Early in my career as a young single guy, I found myself moving from state to state. It was invigorating at first but, then I noticed a shift. The shift happened when the work increased and the going got tough.

I started to feel less excited about my work. I remember looking at bank tellers, waiters and anyone who smiled at work and thinking that would be a great job.

At my condo, I stayed in and slept exhausted from the long hours I was putting in. Holidays meant a phone call home, glass of wine and steak grilled on my Weber. Those were some of the quietest times of my work life. Don’t get me wrong I performed well at the job and made some new friends however, there was always something missing. A silent discontentment that left a gap in my joy meter. And, it was in Fresno California that I learned how to get my life together, enough to bounce back from a case of homesickness.

How to rock work and love life when you are homesick.

  1. Acknowledge that you're less than satisfied and ask yourself why. Learning to identify my homesickness made all the difference. Psychologists often define homesickness as an instinctive need for love, protection, and security – qualities usually associated with home. Just this week my daughter found herself struggling away from home. Like me, she learned that before you can “rock it” you have to admit it.

  2. Anchor yourself in faith. For me, this meant I had to find it. I was a spiritual drifter in need of a home. It’s when I started my Christian walk and finding my faith. I got out of bed on Sunday mornings and visited a little church in the heart of the city. This was the anchor I needed to stay clear and live with purpose.

  3. Achieve results and push the limits. Work is a great way to take your mind off being homesick. Give in to it and strive to achieve great results. Let work be your safe space and do your best to serve others. I’ve always found that you can get anything you want in life by helping others get what they want first.

  4. Associate with others and make deep connections. Making friends is not always easy when working your tail off but it’s so important. Strive to connect and make a best friend at work. The value of such a person can’t be measured.

Perhaps the best way to rock work and love life when you’re homesick is to work through it rather than trying to resist it. What I learned is that by living through it I became better able to rock my work no matter where it takes me.

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