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Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Evalyn Summer 2019

Can you believe I'm saying that? It's true, I think we should stop chasing dreams and start following our strengths. Let me explain...

Yesterday was a big day for my family. My youngest daughter has embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. You see, she’s a ballet dancer. As you know, many dancers try and only a few succeed. Her next step is a pre-professional school, Ballet Chicago.

For the record, I’m freaked out. Yes, I’m worried for her. Yes, she’s way too young to be dancing 25+ hours a week - and yes, I will miss her greatly. As a matter of fact, I would say no-way if she was just chasing a young person’s dream. But, for my daughter it’s more than a dream - it’s who she is. Her natural patterns of thinking, feeling and acting line up perfectly with her chosen art form.

While going for something big is never easy. She makes dancing look effortless. When she works hard at dance she thinks better, sleeps better, eats better, and is happier. Dancing allows her the freedom to use her strengths daily. When she dances, she loses track of time and often finds herself in the zone.

You see, if this was just a dream it would not come so naturally. Whether she makes it or not is not the issue. She was simply born to do this now. She’s having fun, driven by weird dance energy. That’s the difference between following a random dream and living your strengths. No matter her outcome she’s learning how to plug into her talents and ride the wave of momentum. It will serve her well the rest of her life in whatever vocation she chooses.

This has also been my personal experience. When I stopped chasing dreams and started focusing on my strengths - my strengths open the door to my dreams. The key to my achievement, and now my daughters is living our strengths. It’s why I conclude every email with “Live Your Strengths.” I think it is an important reminder, and I really believe it will make all the difference in living our best life now.

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