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Finding Your Thinking Space

Becoming a certified John Maxwell Team (JMT) coach, speaker and trainer was a great decision. It’s hard for me to fathom that it’s been seven years since I made that commitment to learning the art, skill and science of coaching. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than helping others to flourish.

One of the first lessons I learned from John was about intentionality. At one point, John told a story about a chair he has specifically in place for reading the Bible and deep contemplation of spiritual things.

His intention was so specific that when his butt hit that chair his intention is solely to give himself mind space to focus on what’s most important in his life.

What an excellent idea! I remember running to Nebraska Furniture Mart and selecting a new chair for myself that was dedicated as a reading, thinking and meditation space.

Eventually, the habit of being silent and thinking “big” caused me to “activate” and take action on what I learned. Needing more space and technology I transitioned from a chair to a “writing” room. This small space became my place to think, plan and take action.

I find that intention backed by action is the best way to achieve success. Being intentional about owning a place to think has helped me to sort things out, flex my strategic talents, and make a larger impact.

Do you have a place where you’re free to focus, gain clarity and just...think? It may start out with a corner of a room, chair, or closet, it doesn’t matter as my encouragement is the exact same. Find your special place and take some time to quiet the noise, breathe easy and think big thoughts.

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