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Leadership is Tricky

Leadership is influence. Influence is tricky. Just ask anyone who has recently taken a promotion and moved from peer to boss.

The truth is:

  • Job titles don’t increase influence.

  • Tenure doesn’t increase influence.

  • Being a nice person or popular or funny or smart doesn’t increase influence.

Influence is a gift given only after we gain an understanding and appreciation of serving others first. For some reason this is a simple non-negotiable truth that is often overlooked in the workplace.

As a person of faith, I realize that the most current lessons I need to learn are offered in the most ancient of places. The Bible offers a lot of wisdom. When I reflect, I see that Jesus led by strength, humility and wisdom. He came to serve. He washed feet – gross but true.

If you would like to increase your leadership capacity and add impact to your work remember how to add value to others. The art of leadership and influence is a team centric function. When you add value and serve others your influence grows and so do your friendships.

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