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The Search for Meaningful Work

Meaningful work is important. Ask the 15% or so of the American work force who, according to Gallup’s research data, is actually engaged. That small percentage of people will all agree that meaning in our work matters.

When we can’t connect to some kind of purpose in our work, we are destined to be average. I hate that - so should you.

But what most coaches won’t tell you is that meaning isn’t something that is intrinsically woven into a job. It does not matter if we are a Pastor of a local church, or the janitor. Meaning is a way of thinking, a mindset of sorts.

Most of us tragically fail to find meaning in our work because we don’t want to. It’s easier to be on the outside of our work than on the inside. It is simpler to work for the weekend instead of loving Monday.

However, when we are able to be very intentional about connecting meaning to our work something magic happens. We rise up and engage. We see that excellence is available and our special brand of excellence proves that we are all created with purpose.

It doesn’t matter what we do - it matters why we do what we do. Our why creates meaning. The search for meaning at work is an inside-out job for all. The simple truth is that finding meaningful work begins with choosing to bring meaning into the current work we are engaged in.

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