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Tiger Woods Wins Again!

Can you believe it? Tiger won again! His first Master’s victory since 2005, and his first major win since 2008. There has been 22 years since his first and latest wins.

I’m glad Tiger never let failure define him.

For the rest of us, this should be encouragement to stay in the game. No matter what our vocation or calling turns out to be, learning how to live with grit is key to having moments of glory. But don’t be surprised when those moments don’t happen every day.

Chances are if you’re reading this blog you have never won the Masters. However, I bet you can relate to parts of Tiger’s story. He had a fabled start, a long season of high-achievement, followed by a fall - and then, the long, sure grind towards introducing himself to winning all over again.

The secret to building a lasting legacy of greatness is owning the ability to learn from the past, stay present in the moment, and lean into the future with hope.

Learning from the past. We all fail at some point or another. As an entrepreneur for over 14 years of my career I experience great moments of success. I also have had tremendous moments of failure...still have a few scars to prove it. But, like Tiger is proving when we learn from our past and apply the lessons to our current situation we can always be growing. It’s this process that leads to a resilient long-term approach to success.

Staying present in the moment. It’s easy to get all spun up thinking about the past or the future. Most of us live here. The problem is that when we are so worried about what has happened or what can happen, we completely miss what is happening. Being fully present in what is happening will allow us to channel our wisdom in the right direction thereby providing for better odds of another winning opportunity.

Leaning into the future with hope. So much rides on our ability to see, feel and believe that a future with hope is possible. This is where our emotional and spiritual lives invade our practical ones. Our beliefs need space to give way to reality. This means we need to be able to set goals, believe in them, and then do the work and grind them out. Inch by inch I’m sure we’ll find it’s not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Congratulations Tiger on your victory. But, more than that – thanks for the reminder that anything remains possible.

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