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Live Intentionally…You Got This

Have you ever experienced a day without intention? For me, it’s like I wake up and before I’m even out of bed, I’m checking emails and social accounts, which, for whatever reason, sets my mind into gear before I’m ready to process.

I slither to the coffee pot, pour a cup of Pikes Place Roast and take a sip, then rush to get dressed, and because I have so many things on my to-do list, I can't take time to ease into my day.

My day spins and I go from problem to problem fixing things I didn’t know were broken.

My pattern of unfocussed behavior causes needless anxiety and mental restlessness.

Can you relate?

When we begin our days and work without intention, we rush from one task to the next, moving little rocks, procrastinating the boulders, and putting our needs last because we are so busy doing everything else that there's barely any time for us to think.

Now image this scenario instead:

You wake up rested from a fantastic night’s sleep. Instead of checking your phone you walk to the coffee pot only to take a pause, and reflect on what’s right in your life.

After a few minutes of intentional gratitude - you take a moment of mindfulness and think about what would make today extra-ordinary. You select your intention, it doesn’t select you.

Now armed with a plan you go about your day with energy enough to give you a spring in your step.

Instead of being pushed into motion your day begins being pulled by vision.

Problems happen and your plans change yet you stay calm because you're focused and ready.

After a productive day you feel encouraged about you flop into bed and begin to drift into a deep satisfying sleep.

Beginning each day with intention will allow you to get stuff done and stop spinning your wheels on the crazy train of empty action leading nowhere.

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

When you live with intention, you’re able to connect with your passions and purposes in life.

The hardest part of living intentionally is getting into the habit. However, when you become aware of the power you have within you to control the outcome of your day, that habit will suddenly become easy.

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