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Crazy Love & Happiness

A few weeks ago my friend Roger, who’s handy with tools, told me about a dream he has to buy land in a remote location in Louisiana. As he explained, you drive, park and need to boat to get there.

He was so excited talking about it. He loved his idea to the point of sounding crazy.

May sound nuts to you and I, but my buddy is obsessed and in love with this idea. When he talks I always smile as I don't often dream that big.

Don’t you wish you cared that much about anything?

The truth is, most of us don't.

And then the thought struck me: Loving something like Roger loves Louisiana might be the secret to happiness.

Somehow the God of the Universe created us with talents and strengths to dream, love, plot, obsess and create. Yet, for whatever reason, we turn down the possibility that our strengths can actually help us live that dream.

Our strengths can help us live our dreams!

If you’re like me, I’ve spent a good chunk of time focused on what’s wrong in life. I get a 98% on a test and I’m disappointed about the two silly questions I missed.

In a world where we have to fight to notice one positive thing we are passionate about, there is something really cool about Roger’s big dream.

Believe it or not, we all have a great capacity for joy. By understanding our talents and strengths we can begin to love something, even an idea that seems nuts to most other people.

So what is it for you? What’s the dream you have that people will think you’re nuts about?

Don’t know? Perhaps we can take a tip from Roger who loves wide open spaces and alligators. The secret to happiness might just be to love something to the point of crazy.

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