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The Strategy of Being Liked

Meet Willow.

She looks like a Weimaraner but she’s really a Labrador. They called her a silver lab. We’ve been together for about eight years and I like her a lot. She likes me too. I know because she wears her emotions on her tail.

After a long day of work Willow, the dog is often the first living thing in my house to meet me at the door. She’s never been sad to see me. Funny, I’ve never been sad to see her.

Willow and I are close because we say I like you a lot.

The secret about liking is that my dog first liked me and let me know it…

Then, I liked her.

It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work or in the community, the strategy of being liked is to like. And the secret to making friends is being a friend.

For some reason, most people spend a lot of time trying not to be figured out. We hide most feelings and liking someone is no exception.

We can learn a lot from dogs…

Liking someone first and letting them know will feel risky. Who really cares? It’s better to take a risk and be liked for who you are then to never try and be safely alone.

I like you.

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