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Over the last four weeks, I’ve asked a lot from you. I’m serious, if you have now discovered the power of your Legacy in Action Plan then you know what I mean.

I’ve asked you to think.

  • You thought about your talents and strengths at their best and wrote about them.

  • You thought about your wellbeing and discovered PERMAH which stands for Positive Emotions, Engaging your strengths, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Health.

  • You became an essentialist and selected categories in your life that will help you achieve more abundance, success, and love in 2019.

  • You then looked at your envisioned future and compared it to your current reality. You identified the gaps and made 1-3 commitments that will move you towards your best life now.

That’s a lot, isn’t it?

I bet you’re feeling satisfied! I know I am…

Now we wrap it up by creating a few affirmations that will make your LIA plan easy to accomplish. As a coach to world-class performers I can say with certainty you will never hit a goal that is not intentional.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." - Zig Ziglar

The LIA plan is designed to offer you a framework that will elevate your happiness levels leading to living a great life now and feeling the impact of a life well loved.

To conclude our series it is time to think about one word that you’ll commit to keeping top of mind for all of 2019.

Below is what it looked like for me...

Based on the work I’ve done in the LIA Plan what is my one-word intention for the new year?

2019 – Encourage

Why? To encourage others to understand their talent and apply their strength to reach new levels of excellence and uplift the people around them.

2019 – What’s your Affirmation in a sentence or two?

In 2019 YOU will encounter the most curious and brave version of me.

I will connect, engage, lead, and breathe deeply just for the joy of it,

Seek out mountain top moments, walk wisely and sleep soundly.

This year, I will encourage others well and love deeply, fierce and warm, like a roaring fire.

This concludes a serious of blog posts covering the Legacy In Action Plan. I want to say thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the entire cast of Hamilton for reminding us that every life matters and we are all part of a larger story...together....except King George...He was angry...some say mad...

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