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The World Turned Upside Down

For the last several weeks We’ve been walking through the Legacy In Action Plan or LIA for short. It’s a habit I picked up from Michael Hyatt and the coaches at Building Champions. They refer to it as a Lifeplan. While the process is similar the LIA takes into account the science of positive psychology and aides in opening up of powerful mental channels to help build and broaden our thinking through this annual process. 

Just because the world turns upside down doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, 

Everyone struggles with time. Time can be our greatest ally or enemy - mostly both. If we are to live with purpose we need to tame the dragon of time. We do this by focussing our energy on what’s essential. 

At this point in our process, it’s time to create a list of essential relationship and needs that must be kept top of mind to make this your most successful year ever. Please refer back to the first two blog post in this series and do the work necessary to get to this point. 

Our essential categories in life are broader in application. What are the kinds of essential objectives that will move the needle of success and joy for you in 2019?  I listed mine below so you can see what I’m trying to explain. 

What is most essential/vital to you for happiness and success? (My Example)

  • God (faith, spirituality)

  • Self (mind body and soul)

  • Marriage (unified in love and trusting)

  • Children (unified in love and trusting)

  • Financial Wellbeing (Support the first four)

  • Career/Calling (Where I spend the majority of my time)

You may ask, does order matter? and I would answer - yes, but it’s so personal it’s hard for me to direct you on how to prioritize.  For example, I have “Self” right after God. Seems arrogant when I look at it but, I realize that if I’m not doing well everything around me suffers.  So I place self-high on the list to better serve those impacted by my life.  

Spend some time on the list as it’s a foundational point to setting and articulating your objectives. 

Next, for each essential category work through the process below giving yourself space and time to really think this through. Here is what the process flow looks like.

Essential Focus: (Name the category from above list, and answer the questions below.)

  • Your Near Perfect Future: (Best case outcomes in near perfect conditions.)

  • Purpose Statement: (A few sentences that denote the driving force of your envisioned future.)

  • Supporting Verse or Saying: (Any meaningful verse or saying that drives energy as an anchor point.) 

  • The Hard Truth: (The honest truth to where you are currently at in your near-perfect future.)

  • Specific Commitments: (1-3 specific goals to help you gain momentum in your envisioned future.)

If you’re like me you noticed that your near-perfect future is a far cry from reality. That’s ok as it’s completely normal for most to be in the exact same position. However, we can’t gain momentum if we don’t take an honest snapshot of our hopes and realities.  Bottom line - let this be fuel to a better you and not a sucker punch of disappointment. 

Understanding those essential success triggers and then carving out a plan for improvement is the most complete way to activate abundant thinking in your life. This process along with the others I’ve described are invaluable for anyone who can give themselves the necessary time to engage in this high level of planning. 

Next week we will discuss the capstone to our process in setting our intention for this year in a single word and affirmation statement.  

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