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Choking on Egg Nog

Chances are this holiday season, we'll both be spending time doing lots of things. How do you celebrate? For me, it looks like eating, community, shopping, enjoying music, and shopping some more. What can I say, I like to shop this time of year.

However, the hustle of the holidays can drain my physical, emotional and spiritual energy if I let it. This drain leaves me reeling from the sheer volume of noise I let in.

Have you ever wondered how we are supposed to find peace in the holiday season?

Finding our calm admits a busy season might just be the greatest gift we'll ever purchase.

Here are a few simple ways to fight for peace by finding meaning in the noise.

  • Beyond our busyness we could acknowledge and embrace our spiritual questions. We can do this by getting curious and tracing our traditions. (Mine ends up in a manger.)

  • Together we can take a deep breath. When things get hectic we could slow down and try refreshing our mind. Prayer, meditation and a good book can help.

  • We shouldn't be fooled - peace of heart isn't easy. We could try being intentional about making peace a priority for ourselves and others we care for.

  • Christmas, and many other holiday traditions, have always been a battlefield. A battle for your presence NOT for your presents.

  • Gratitude is a powerful tool that can be used to brighten even the darkest days.

If all else fails to bring us joy this holiday season we shouldn't be shy about connecting with that still small voice urging us towards hope and community. And...when things seem the darkest remember the holiday cheer is really about God's presence - which is quite simply a game-changer.

When we make the holidays more than a moment in time we can't help but sense the power of presence leading to peace.

Fo me, finding peace in the holiday season starts and stops with Emmanuel. (My friend Mark Smeby sings about it.) There is much that can weigh us down but, perhaps the best answer to the problem of a busy season is giving ourselves permission to think from the deep spaces of our minds and hearts.

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