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Super Recycle Success

About midway through the humid Nebraska summer my lawnmower died. (Pause for emotion.) The wheels stopped turning and the engine wouldn't fire.

I tear up thinking about saying goodbye. Like most, I ran to the local hardware store and purchased a new one. The entire process took less than an hour.

I was a ACTIVATOR with long grass, little knowledge, and a credit card.

When I got it home I got straight to it. Common sense lead the way as I prepared it for our maiden voyage.

Giving it a quick start I noticed right away that my new mower vibrated like a jackhammer. I figured it's new - I'd give it some time.

Well, some time passed and each time I mowed my hands hurt and then the engine overheated.

If you suffer long enough the suffering becomes your new normal.

Until you have a dark and twisty moment...

In my moment, I tried to take the mower back.

No luck.

My only option was a dusty small engine repair shop. The owner whose name is Dan, let me know my mower was dead. Yes, my new mower was now a worthless hunk of metal.

Without missing a beat Dan proceeded to share a few options. (None of them had me leaving without a new mower.)

That is when the true magic happened.

Dan began to ask me some really good questions. I would answer, and my answers gave way to deeper inquiries. By the time we were done I'd received a PHD in lawn mowing and had gone through a deep discovery of the type of mower I needed.

Funny, but Dan is a great coach.

As he investigated, I answered his questions to the best of my ability. By the time we were finished he didn't need to sell me on the Toro SuperRecycler. While more expensive, I understood my best solution.

Because of Dan I was out a few hundred more dollars but, mowing my lawn has never been easier. You see, you don't know what you don't know. Personally, I have a habit of going through the motions using price as a driver over expertise. At one point in this story trying to convince myself that my broken lawnmower is as good as it gets.

I needed someone to help me think through my situation and help me come to new levels of understanding and clarity. I needed help to see beyond my limited thinking into what is possible.

In what ways do you seek clarity beyond limited thinking?

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