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Happiness at Work Changes Everything

According to Gallup, in 2018 only around 35% of our elected officials view the healthcare system in a very or somewhat positive way. Worse yet, according to another poll by the same group says in 2017 the world hit an all-time high in negativity.

  • In 2017 Gallup’s Negative Experience Index hits a record high of 30

  • In 2017 nearly four in 10 experienced worry (38%), stress (37%) the previous day

The problem is, according to psychologists, when we experience negativity and fear as a normal part of life we lessen our ability to reach greater levels of high achievement.


Because 95% of our success happens between the ears. Gaining control over our thinking and choosing positivity is becoming mission critical.

The other day I was working with a struggling team who had lost trust. They were smart, skilled and when we met – very negative. It was as if their part of the organization was a black hole of uncertainty. Of course, nobody could see it because negativity has become the norm. If left unchecked and without a strengths intervention this negative whirl could become permanent.

Strengths-based coaching offers a different vantage point of human potential. If you want to study excellence you should study the people and teams who are winning and they are often the most positive and trusting.

Happiness is a business strategy that underpins success. Here are three simple yet game-changing positive habits you can start to up-level your performance.

  1. End your day in gratitude. Start writing down at least three new things you are grateful for every day. However, not just what they are but why they are as well.

  2. Learn more about your unique talents and strengths. This can be done through an assessment or by keeping a journal of the times in your day that you felt highly engaged and fully alive.

  3. Take time to think. Cultivate a practice of loving-kindness based mindfulness. Studies are showing that there is a direct link to improving your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing by incorporating meditation and prayer.

It’s true that if more people engage in these three positive habits we can turn things around. Happiness builds and broadens our ability to reach higher levels of success in life.

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