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Why Prayers are the New Black

Do you know what yours are? In the morning prior to my first prayer and sip of coffee – I hear the false voices of doubt. They are sharp and confident battering my heart with thoughts of frustration and doubt.

I don't know why and It’s just for a second - but it seems like it lasts forever.

This is the voice that drives me to prayer and directs me to God. It’s why I’m passionate about my faith, strengths, and hope.

I’ve found that if I ignore my inner voice of condemnation or give it too much credit - I end up in the same spot. Tumbling down an emotional hill of uncertainty.

Are you familiar with Saint Patrick’s Breastplate? It’s a powerful Christian prayer and a way to begin each day.

I arise today

Through a mighty strength

Through belief in the Threeness,

Through confession of the Oneness of the Creator of creation.

Wouldn’t that be nice to have our first thoughts drift towards hope instead of away from it?

St. Patrick understood that the battle we wage happens between our ears. I also think he understood that we are each given talents and strengths that make us amazingly strong, special and loved.

We may not always rise to our best. However, if we take our focus off our performance and place it onto Jesus - we begin with Hope.

Saint Patrick’s prayer continues…

I arise today

Through the strengths of Christ’s birth with His baptism,

Through the strength of His crucifixion and His burial,

Through the strength of His resurrection with His ascension,

Through the strength of His decent for the judgement of doom.

We don’t need to arise through our performance - we are invited to live through Christ's strengths.

“Christ in you, the hope of glory.” - Colossians 1:27b

It’s God who created you with specific talents and strengths waiting to be used for the power of good in the world. You’re established for all eternity in hope.

But until that morning when a new day dawns we need to be mindful and anchor our love in the free gift of divine love. When we do this we can surely arise today in the hope of glory.


Action Item: Reflect for a moment how your morning begins. List several ways you can start your mornings on a positive note.

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