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The Right Tools Will Change Your Life

Saturday mornings are often a time to connect with nature. By connecting with nature I mean mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes.

Such is life in the suburbs.

August in Omaha is often muggy - the air smells thick like decay. Finishing up I go inside for a tall glass of ice water. Before I can take my first sip I get a bathroom distress call from my wife.

“the sink is draining slow – it might be clogged” Although I was not prepared to battle our plumbing I came to the rescue. How bad can it be?

I need to stop asking silly questions.

As she was using an old plastic zip strip small drain release tool I notice the shower drain was slow as well. The plastic zip tool is good for baby clogs on the sink - but not real problems.

Have you ever found yourself caught up in real problems you didn’t have the tools to solve? Has life ever clogged up your plans to enjoy a tall glass of ice water?

As I began to take on the bathroom clog I first gathered the right tools to do the job.

As a strengths-based coach to many amazing people I’ve learned that we often spend too much time trying to solve problems with the wrong tools. We grind, push and pour our souls into meaningless tasks with little results.

Understanding what tools are needed to do the job and how to access them is a critical first step in overcoming life’s problems. This is why I believe in the power of coaching.

Being intentional about growth and development will help you to position yourself to attack life with the right tools. Coaching is a strategic way to avoid clogs and clear up the ones that already exist.

Fortunately, my plumbing attempt was a success. After a few hours I pulled a hairball the size of Detroit from the drain and had flow back into our life.

Flow can be restored with the right tools, Coaching is a powerful tool that helps position you for success.

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