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Trade up - Don’t just trade off…(Podcast)

Is it possible to learn to leverage our time for it’s highest purpose? When we make a trade off in life we sacrifice something in our choice. Trading UP rather than off is when we can learn to understand that life is a system of intentional deposits and withdrawals. When we start to look at our life in this manner we can then learn to trade up rather than just trade off.

I find that using a simple banking transaction as an example really helps to understand the enormity of trade offs in life. You see, every choice made is either a withdrawal or a deposit from your most valuable asset - your time.

Bruce Lee stated it accurately this way when he said “ If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

Understanding that life can be viewed as a serious of transactions that we must manage wisely to make sure we have enough resource to focus on those things that serve the highest “good” in our lives.

We must learn to select the transactions that provide the biggest return on investment. (This is how we stop making trade offs and start trading up. From making money to time spent with the ones you love - there is a lot to be considered.

One way to properly value time and life’s trade offs it’s helpful to be intentional about identifying these three things.

  • Know what you value and why

  • Know what you’re working for and why

  • Know the difference between good and great outcomes

I'll share strategies on how to accomplish maximizing your investment of time so that you can best fulfill your dreams, drives, passions and hopes.

A few things to walk away with:

  • Have you ever sat down and reviewed what you value and why? if you would like a complimentary worksheet let me know - I’d be happy to get you started on your journey.

  • In what ways are you making time for yourself to think. Space is what is required to allow your brain to process the information needed to make choices that allow for trading up not trading off.

  • Saying no takes practice - try it. figure out what’s most important for you this week and be diligent to say on course. Say no to things that throw you off track. Then sit down and review how your week went. If people ask why you said no, simple let them know that you’re trying and experiment to do less - but go ahead and reassure them that you'll need their help along the way.

Trust me when I say there is an art to doing less better. Stay the course and don’t get discouraged. You have a coach pulling for your success.

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