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Hope Rocks and So Do You...

There is no question the world is hurting. Natural disasters like hurricanes and fires bite into our hope. Worse yet, our personal hurricanes drive us towards hope in a substance. We are quick to find a new addiction or distraction.

If we get a moment of peace the volume of division is deafening. For example, I'm a stander in the stadium and a kneeler in my church. I thought this was normal but now I'm told it is not.

It feels like no matter what choice is made someone gets upset. Someone gets hurt and we find ourselves watching hope drip away.

One thing for sure is that hope matters. Hope is important for the world to find joy. For us to live in peace we need to turn down the volume of division. We need to start shining a light on our talents and strengths.

There is a better way of thinking. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with the world and everyone in it - why not focus on what is right?

Every person has talent. There is hope if we can learn to work together. To understand each other better. This is a valuable thought because what's right in us is more important than what is not.

While the answer for division is empathy - the answer to increasing hope, in part, is a movement of strengths.

I've worked with many people (all different) and yet, all amazing. They are filled with the answers that our world seeks. When we share the common language of strengths we ignite a new way of thinking. It allows us to first, see what's right in others and then manage any weaknesses.

We stop judging and start encouraging. We become freed to make mistakes and fall forward. This is done together in unity, as a team.

I've seen the light of hope flicker on when someone resurrects a dormant talent. It's always been there but along the way they have chosen to hide it. This is the power of professional coaching.

Witnessing life change through the art of coaching is a privilege. It's the fastest way to turning down the volume of division and increasing the power of hope. With hope strengthened we are freed to find joy.

Hope Rocks and So Do You...

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