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Everyone Needs a Coach

There's something powerful about the Rocky Mountains. Many would be explorers return to camp with skinned knees and bruised egos. The culprit isn't the granite that you must navigate to succeed.

The problem is altitude.

The higher you climb the thinner the air gets. The thinner the air gets the more work it takes to hike. It’s like breathing through a straw.

A great climb leads to wonderful vistas. But the allure of the view dissipates during the pain of the moment.

Many start – few finish.

Every time you step out in life using your strengths you're offered more than a beautiful view. You gain an opportunity to shine from the inside out.

But knowing your strengths alone isn’t enough to change the world.

You must learn how to name, claim and aim your strengths at your most important goals. This is where hiring a coach pays off big time in business and life.

It’s like experiencing the exhilaration of a great mountain climb.

Everyone needs a coach.

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