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Precious Serendipity

Unless it's a worthy past - don't let it dominate your future.

Too many times we forget that there is more to life than what caused our greatest pain. Both the good and bad of life offer precious serendipity.

Those quiet moments amongst life's pain often bring forward special memories.

Wait watch and wonder at the power of the human spirit and the gentle grace of God.

There are times when what we need most is to be present. Moments when we should be aware and breathing.

Our technology keeps us locked in meandering thoughts. Our busyness keeps us trapped in pre-occupation.

Our distraction causes the most pain. Pain causes us to dwell on failures. To see what wrong instead of right.

We miss the life.

The enlightened are the essentialists. Those brave few who remain in the moment and battle distraction.

They see what's right in every situation. They are still reading until the last word.

Fully aware of what should come next.

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