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Don't Give Your Minnow a Fishhook

It's not others assessment that causes you the most angst. Aren't people allowed to have an opinion? It's that not so silent voice inside that rips you to pieces causing all sort of problems.

What if you changed that?

You can in an instant.

You are your own worst critic. Rather than playing small let your self off the hook. When the inner voice screams failure - be gentle and kind.

Don't give your minnow a fishhook to play with.

  • See yourself through the lens of your talent.

  • Embrace your strengths and be intentional about using them.

  • Always give more than you take.

  • Smart is, as smart does.

If you want to change the world you must change how you respond to it. When it comes to leading yourself...remember, be gentle and kind.

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