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My Best Friend Fear

We work hard. All day long the grind of responsibilities keeps us feeling off balance and anxious. When we slow down, even for a minute the boss scolds us for not being a team player. When we do get a break our vacations disappoint. It takes three days to unwind and when we do - it's back to work...

Fear is the monster of this generation. Think about fear for a moment. Out of control psychological fear drives what we commit to or avoid. Fear leads us to rise up - or fall down. Fear impacts how we live, love and laugh...but it shouldn't.

"Fear and anxiousness are not meant to be the drivers of our happiness or success."

What if there is a way to allow fear to have its natural place in our lives? A place where fear is welcomed and does what it is meant to do. Fear is an essential component of wisdom. It's not meant to drive our lives rather support our choices. Controlled fear is helpful, courteous, forward-thinking and smart. Who doesn't what a friend like that? With the right mindset, fear is a good friend.

Understanding that fear is here to help and not hurt will allow us to relax into our strengths. Relaxing into our potential allows us to perform with excellence in everything we do. Understanding fear will help us find how relaxing warm and powerful life can be. Fear is a friend when we don't touch the hot stove.

Coaching allows us the understanding of how to manage fear and befriend it. Couple this with igniting our unique talents and you have a winning combination.

Check yourself often what are your fears telling you? Why are they present in any given situation? Answer that question and move forward with confidence. We don't need to let fear hold us back from all we aspire towards in life.

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