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Woven Into the Tapestry of Life


Coming at us from all sides are whispers of hope. It doesn't feel like it. Yet, hope is abundant. Hope whispers even though the darkest of times.

  • Money matters disrupt life's progress.

  • Sickness steals our joy.

  • Love breaks our heart.

  • Friends betray.

Yet, there are whispers of hope. We may not understand in the painful times but hope still whispers. Hope never leaves or abandons us.

The problem with hope isn't its breath. Hope keeps speaking. The problem is with our determination to listen.

We must learn to listen harder for hope.

If we think, feel and believe - hope will not abandon.

It can't - it is hope.

Hope lies in the promises of what is ahead. Hope lies within a single dream. In rare cases hope lies in muddy puddles of water on a forgotten highway leading to nowhere.

Yet - hope lives.

Let the hope of what may be wet our appetite. Hope will completely reassure us of the restoration of life that we are all invited into. Hope eternal, God-given, gifted, available, now...


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