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The Natural Way to Improve Team Performance

“The only possible failure would be never managing to find the right role or the right partners to help you realize that strength.”

– Donald O. Clifton

Have you ever been on a roll where good things kept happening for a month? A quarter? Perhaps even a full year? Chances are you were working in your wheelhouse and fully engaged.

People who engage in their work are successful on the job. The opposite is also true; success at work encourages engagement. Engagement is satisfying for the individual, and according to Gallup’s Q12 studies, engaged employees boost organizational performance. In researching the causes behind this boost, they have found a direct link between engagement levels and working in one’s strengths.

Something powerful happens when companies nurture engagement by helping associates identify their unique strengths.

Research shows associates who know and use their strengths are 6X more likely to be engaged at work and 3X more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. Unfortunately, only about 25% of workers say they get to put their unique talents and strengths to work on a regular basis. Studies continue to show us that this low number is not improving.

Name It, Aim It, Claim It

Producing a big bang within your organization starts with assessing what you do best. It’s more than knowing you’re good with numbers, but knowing you’re good with numbers because you have a Discipline or Strategic or Restorative strength that drives your thoughts and actions. By naming, claiming and aiming your strengths, you will improve your own engagement and ignite your career.

Step 4, Flame It

Gallup studies reveal that a strengths-based leadership system is the single best way to improve the associate-manager relationship. When you encourage your employees to work and grow in their strengths, engagement levels soar, as do customer ratings, profitability, productivity, and quality.

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