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The Secret Link Between Success and Engagement

“The only possible failure would be never managing to find the right role or the right partners to help you realize that strength.” – Donald O. Clifton

People who are successful on the job engage in their work. Engagement at work builds success. The funny thing is that success at work encourages engagement. Somewhere, tip-toeing between success and engagement we see patterns of high performance emerge.

Have you ever been on a roll -where good things kept happening for an entire season?

Identifying with your companies mission and vision is the first step towards career success. Not because you’ll impress people with your knowledge. Rather, you will impress them with how well you’re executing on company priorities.

Isn’t that the nature of true engagement?

According to Gallup’s Q12 studies, engaged employees boost organizational performance. There is a direct link in putting your strengths to work and engagement levels.

Would you like to improve customer ratings, profitability, productivity, and quality?

Who wouldn’t?

To do so, we need to look at employee engagement. Something powerful happens when companies nurture engagement by helping associates identify their unique strengths.

Associates who know and use their strengths are happier. As a matter of fact, they are 6X more likely to be engaged at work. They are also 3X more likely to report having an excellent quality of life. Only about 25% of workers say they get to put their unique talents and strengths to work on a regular basis. Studies continue to show us that this low number is not improving.

Producing a big bang to your organization starts with what you do best in life. By naming, claiming and aiming your strengths, you will ignite your career. Gallup studies reveal that a strengths-based leadership system is the single best way to improve the associate-manager relationship. When this happens, engagement levels and production soar.

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