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Hard Work and Weariness

Strategy, Decisions, and Productivity are the big efforts that drive performance in anything. When we don’t guard our mental energy all sorts of bad things can happen. Tired brains somehow impact everything and everyone around us.

As I think about the people in my life I notice one thing is for certain. I know a lot of hard-working people. Given today's pace and push even staying at home with the kids is more work than ever before as parents are busier and the demands more challenging.

There is nothing wrong with working hard especially when you’re serving an important mission and using your strengths every day. However, I’ve learned that we must stay vigilant and replenish our weary minds for long-term success to happen.

The other day I was having a coaching conversation with an impressive and busy executive who was mentally worn out. Her thinking went from “I’m tired” to “everyone is out to get me.” This negative spiral of weary thinking can happen when we lack the foresight to make sure we are recharging our brain batteries.

The good news is everyone is really not out to get her. The bad news is that she failed to take the necessary time out to refuel and ended up struggling more than necessary. All this is going on when her work and family really needed her.

No matter if you’re a type A, B or C personality - your brain has a battery. We must learn to recharge our thinking - or pay the price! In a world where the pace keeps accelerating, there are shrinking returns to driving until you smashup in a lump of weariness.

“You can’t slow down what’s happening to you. But if you can speed up the pace of recovery, you can be more in balance.” – Bonnie St. John

Sometimes as a coach, my job is to point out the obvious. Like saying, you’re tired. It’s also learning from my own mistakes and telling myself that it’s time to recharge.

While none of us can dictate the pace of our work we can control the speed of our recovery.

Like you, I don’t always have the luxury of a vacation. I’ve learned to take stock of how my energy level is doing and create daily habits that give me the necessary boost I need to keep moving without unnecessary mental struggles.

Here are a few truths about speeding up the pace of your mental recovery.

  • Either we are intentional about managing our energy or our bodies will do it for us. (Not good.)

  • It’s better that we proactively manage our energy and recharge before it becomes a crisis.

  • You’re not Superman or Superwoman and kryptonite is crap compared to the long-term effects of a weary brain and tired thinking.

  • Find yourself in a few things that bring you extreme joy - and go with it!

  • Help others but, give from the overflow of your energy, not from the void.

  • A good friend (or coach) isn’t afraid to point out the obvious so find one or both.

  • Always remember Life is good - and you got this.

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