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You, Yes YOU...Are Worthy

You are worthy.

Not your career, home, family or brand…YOU.

Everything is determined by this belief.

The person who believes he or she is only worth 'what the world is willing to pay' or what title you hold at work - is limited. Your worth is based on a deep-seated psychological blueprint of self-worth.

It's psychological self-worth that determines the level of personal and professional success you accomplish in life.

The quality of your relationships, your ability to influence others, the impact you make at work, how much time and effort you put into your wellbeing, your emotional development and your spiritual growth, all of it is determined by your beliefs in you.

And most of it (if not all) wasn't even originated by you; you literally inherited it.

Don't buy into the noise that says some people are born with a 'success' gene and you don’t have it. Many successful people have learned to rewrite their thinking and change their limiting beliefs.

It takes real understanding and a strong inner compass to know the truth about your potential in life. Don Clifton said, ‘what would happen if we stop fixating on what is wrong in the world and start looking at what is right?’

There is power in our strengths and value in our diversity. Abundance in life is happing in so many different ways it's almost unbelievable. And in that diversity a great truth is revealed: we're all gifted with different talents and strengths, and in those areas, we have limitless potential.

You can doubt this all you like (I used to myself), but I've spent too many hours with too many people who have transformed their lives way beyond what they initially believed possible to question it any longer.

However, there's ONE THING that you must master above all others; how you see yourself and your worthiness of abundance in life.

Plato believed, 'for a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories'.

The emphasis on 'first' is for a reason, because in one word Plato sums up one of the most important lessons of your life: that it your continuous commitment to naming, claiming and aiming your strengths is vital to helping you expand in abundance, success and love.

It might shock you to know that only a tiny minority of people grasp this truth.

Self-improvement is first and foremost in the life of people who learn to expand in abundance, success and love.

Never lose sight of your unique talents and strengths. It’s doesn’t matter in the moment if you win or lose. It matters how you think about winning or losing.

95% of success happens between your ears.

And that's how your self-worth, and worthiness flows, shifts and changes permanently. It begins with your concept of worthiness. Only you define that truth in your life.

And that is the work of the person destined for extraordinary success. I’ve found that strengths-based empowerment coaching liberates people to live more freely and fully alive.

No matter your lot or station in life you are the CEO of Me, Inc. Change your thinking - change your life.

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