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3 Habits of Enlightened Leadership

Many coaching sessions begin with two simple things. A feeling and a reason. A feeling that things have grown out of control - and a reason for that feeling. One thing is for sure – We all desire to improve our performance.

We long to do our best work and sharpen our ability to strengthen relationships. Lucky for us, we can. Anyone of us can learn to improve results in business or life by maximizing the three simple habits of an enlightened leader.

Lasting change never starts with results. Transformational change happens between the ears. Only then can we crush our limiting beliefs and raise our level of performance.

It begins with a clear focus on our talents leading to high-levels of self-actualization. Clarifying our strengths will shift what we believe about ourselves, about our relationships, about our roles, and about the unlimited possibilities before us. True possibility starts with understanding what we believe is possible and what we believe is not.

What we think and believe impacts how we engage in our roles and interact with others — and that determines the kinds of results we get.

Having had the privilege of performing transitional work inside a fantastic organization, here are three simple habits of an enlightened leader.

Understand - you are what you think

Your current beliefs about your abilities can either expand or contract your truest potential. What you think about yourself and your situation impacts every decision you make. Not only that, your thinking will positively or negatively influence the results you see every day.

95% of all success happens between the ears first.

So, take a hard look at what you’re thinking and attempt to understand if what you believe is really real.

As you tend to your thinking, you’ll experience inner growth, this will lead to greater results.

Focus on essentials

Time is your most precious asset. It’s not something squandered on activities that don’t bring joy and a positive return on investment. Time is something to intentionally maximize.

The more you grow in your performance the more you must learn to manage what’s most essential for you to focus on.

Leaders who focus on essentials are hyper-effective and highly engaged never hyper-busy. Your objective must be to fill your time with the things that matter most. Strive to invest your time doing what brings you the greatest amount of satisfactions while providing the greatest return on investment for your time spent.

When focussed on essentials you are not necessarily the most available. In truth, there’s a good chance that, at times, you will not be available, because you're so focused on what matters most. Don’t even try to be all things to all people. Learn that you must say “no” to good things so that you can say “yes” to great things.

Knowing how to focus on the essentials is a key performance differentiator at work and life.

Be Curios

Wise leaders understand there is so much to learn. The bottom line is to be curious and know how little you know.

Great people are curious and ask a lot of questions. They think about things, because they want to make the right decisions. They want to make sure they have the right inputs and the right perspectives.

Empower others to share their knowledge. If you know how little you know, then you’re comfortable asking for help. You don’t have to be a know-it-all. Crave knowledge and be curious.

3 Simple changes in how you process can make the difference in your life. The fact is this - you are worthy of great achievements, success, abundance and love. Everyone has unique skills and talents that simply need to be applied. It begins with how you partner with your own mind to set the stage to be your best self to show up. You can learn to improve results in business or life by maximizing the three simple habits of an enlightened leader.

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