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Focus Like a Lion

I wish my mentors would have shared this little nugget with me years ago. There are times I admit to learning things the hard way.

While learning in this manner is not something I’m proud of – it beats not learning.

Take for example a recent illustration I came across. It was about a lion and a dog.

Picture yourself walking into a room with a bone in your hand. A playful dog meets you at the door. You let the dog sniff the bone and then begin waving it in the air.

What do you suppose the dog does?

I can speak first hand about my Labrador Willow. She immediately begins to salivate and follows the bone everywhere I move it. Her attention is so drawn to the bone she will forget about other people in the room…including me.

That’s dog-like focus.

Not so, with a lion.

Now imagine walking into the same room with a lion in it. You hold the bone out to sniff and start waving it around like crazy. What reaction would you get?

As hard as you try to distract the lion with the bone - I am confident that the lion is more interested in you.

You see, the lion understands the most important thing going on isn’t the bone. It’s the bag of bones that poses the greatest threat. Unlike the dog, the lion realizes what’s most essential and remains focused.

The point is this.

You’re a lion with unlimited potential. When you focus on what’s most essential in life - you'll reap the greatest rewards.

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